all the feels

Murray is quite an expressive creature, for which I am quite thankful.  Not only do his feelings provide near-endless entertainment for me and my friends, it’s always abundantly apparent to me if there is something really wrong.  Or slightly wrong.  Or a little bit off.  Or it’s a Tuesday.

I compiled some gifs of Murray’s recent (and a few not-so-recent) feelings so we could all enjoy them together.


I think I want to change leads but I can’t without some upper butt cheek help…


Now I want to change leads the other way and can’t do that either


We are at a show and I’m passing this one corner, therefore I must!


Changing leads like skippidy-do-dah, skippidy-day…


The old school favourite


Murray gets some revenge for me asking him to “dressage” at a rated show (actually not the first time he’s done that)

I wish there was more video of Murray getting down with his bad self.  Which is one of my goals for the new year: more incriminating evidence of Murray’s punkery!