five things friday

Phew. What a week. I was weirdly emotional about getting Murray’s hocks done, which is strange because that’s exactly what I called the vet to ask about in the first place… but some small, irrational, part of my brain still hoped that by magic my horse would be fine and proclaimed hale and hearty well into his seventies. ¬†Murray, on the other hand, is super sad about being asked to rest again.

Just the saddest.

But as always, you guys were there to add excellent evidence and kind words of support, so I’m feeling much perkier about Murray’s prognosis.

1. Sweat equity

When my boyfriend moved in with me a couple of months ago he brought along his scale and a serious determination to get into a healthier lifestyle. ¬†(Couch surfing and living with his parents for a year took a toll.) ¬†I don’t worry too much about my weight unless something weird is going on, like I don’t fit in to my breeches or something, but I do hop on the scale every now and again. ¬†On Monday, around noon, I jumped on the scale before going to ride, then headed out and rode two horses, worked 3 yearlings (oh man did they get on my bad side that afternoon), ran an errand at the feed store, and came home around six. ¬†I’d polished off my 1 L water bottle and another 500 mL of water after getting home. ¬†I jumped back on the scale out of curiosity before stripping to get in the shower.

Despite consuming 1.5L of water, I’d still somehow lost a pound of weight while I was out of the house. ¬†The water weighed 3.3 lb (1.5 kg), and I didn’t eliminate in other ways while out of the house, so that means I lost a total of 4.3 lbs in sweat + CO2 + water vapor over the course of the afternoon. ¬†That’s a lot of moisture.

2. Electrolytes

In addition to drinking enough water to make up for the sweat I lose while riding and playing outdoors in general, I’ve taken to drinking some electrolytes as well. ¬†A friend gave me a box of Osmo for Women¬†and I actually like the powdered mix a fair bit. ¬†It’s a bit gritty/grainy at the end, but it’s not hard to just swirl it up and down the whole thing. ¬†I used to drink watered down gatorade while at horse shows, but I’ll definitely be replacing it with¬†proper electrolytes in the future. ¬†Eventually I’ll run out of my free Osmo — what do you use? ¬†I’ve heard great things about Smart Water. ¬†Thoughts?

3. Sore muscles

I’m kinda over paying an arm and a leg for liniment and muscle rubs that I feel like actually work. ¬†I like Sore No More Gelotion a lot, but $18 for a little bottle, when I’m pretty sure I can get the ingredients for less. ¬†I’m going to take a whack at making my own liniment. I’m pretty sure I have the basics sorted out (witch hazel base, arnica and comfrey for sure, maybe including camphor, lavender, rosemary, and ginger, emulsify with xantham gum). ¬†What’s important to you in a liniment? ¬†One of my friends loves the cooling feeling of menthol, which you can kinda replicate with peppermint oil (if you don’t want to add straight menthol crystals). ¬†Another online source swears by magnesium salts as a body brace, and it wouldn’t be terribly hard to dissolve some of them in there.

4. International Blogger Contest

Horse Junkies United is running an International Blogger Contest with a bomb prize package. ¬†I write for them occasionally and really enjoy the community on there. ¬†I might enter (I don’t think I’m excluded, but I probably won’t win anything either) — and you should enter too!

5. Tweezerman nail clippers

I actually got these off of someone else’s Friday Five. ¬†Have you ever owned really nice nail clippers? ¬†Me neither, until I got these guys. ¬†I LOVE them. ¬†It’s so nice to trim my nails and not feel the jaggedy sharp edges that you usually get with the $1.99 drug store nail clippers. ¬†10/10 will recommend again.

why do you write like you’re running out of time?

A few things on Friday (a… Friday Five maybe?!) to get you into the weekend.

1. If you aren’t listening to/haven’t listened to Hamilton… WHY AREN’T YOU?¬† It is well worth two and a half hours in the car, in your house, or on your horse. I am obsessed and listen approximately every other day.¬† I’m not terribly into musical theatre or even music, but I’m into this piece of musical theatre.¬† Go stream the whole album on Amazon Prime.¬† Also, I now think Hercules Mulligan would be an amazing name for an event horse.

2. This article is about one of my MIL’s trainers, Miguel Tavora.¬† You can find it on page 100 of The Horse magazine here.¬† The Horse actually has a shockingly easy reading platform, and it’s free!¬† I’ve watched a few Miguel clinics and am very interested in his training techniques and methodology — I’ve seen a few horses trained in his program become really successful individuals now, so that’s helpful.¬† He says some really wonderful and profound things about training and helping a horse find their balance and not pushing/forcing/fixing them into a balance.

3. I will be working with a neat program called Experiment! this fall that crowd funds research projects.  They have helped researchers fund such awesome studies as high-tech interactive foraging toys for rhinos, establishing a new penguin colony in South Africa, and how floppy-bodied creatures eat hard things.  Some of the other awesome campaigns running right now include exploring the effects of the Chernobyl disaster on wildlife disease, a coral reef microbiome, and whether or not Chipotle makes bigger burritos for bigger people. Maybe some of us equine researchers should come up with a good research project to propose?!

4. Have any of you ever tried the Buband?¬† I have one to review so expect to hear about it soon.¬† I wouldn’t characterize myself as terribly well-endowed or really even uncomfortable when I ride or exercise, but could I be more comfortable?¬† That is the question.

homer simpson the simpsons fat justice jiggle

5. As always, we are looking for more volunteers for the WSS one day on October 1st.¬† If you travel to California for my horse show, I will let you sleep at my house (with my cat, and possibly my dog).¬† I will even let you sleep in my bed!¬† Since I will be out of town at a wedding.¬† As usual — you know how to get in touch if you’re free.

corgiderpIt’s fun! Come and play!


Friday Five…. worst things about my life right now

Inspired by Stephanie at Hand Gallop here is a blog-post-with-a-twist.¬† My Friday Five… worst things about my life right now.

1. Signing up for a horse show that’s two days before I need to move houses was a terrible, terrible, terrible choice.

If you replaced papers with random pieces of tack, clothes, boxes, and perched my cat in the middle, you would have my life right now.

I am not organized for this show.¬† I packed a trunk and I put some tack in a trailer and I took some home to clean it and I think I have everything I need?¬† I figure as long as I have clothes to wear each day, a show coat, saddle, girth, and bridle that’s… all I need.¬† Thank goodness it’s local and less than 15 minutes away from my barn (by zippy little Nissan as opposed to big truck and trailer).

2. The last person who had my office manager clearly sucked at her job and managed to screw some things up so well that I have to go back nearly two entire years to fix them.  Oh and those things are absolutely essential to a deadline I have.  On Monday.

3. My thesis has gone untouched for weeks. I can’t even. I am so busy. I don’t even know how I am this busy. I’m not even teaching right now.

4. This is basically 1B of this list, but I am a shit show.¬† I took home half my tack but NO TACK CLEANING SUPPLIES.¬† Thank goodness I didn’t put all my wash cloths in the washing machine because at least things can get a really good wipe down.¬† My half pads are both still filthy.¬† I don’t own acceptable XC boots yet.¬† My roommates dog hates me and is a giant disaster.


RIP Billy

Friday Five… really good things despite all the mess in my life.

1. Murray stood perfectly still for his beauty treatments today and was shiny as fuck after his bath.¬† Baby shampoo man.¬† I’m into it.

I'm bringing #sexyback #notoriousottb #punintended #ottb #dressagebitches #itreallyworks

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2. Even though I had to beat him on Wednesday during the beginning of my dressage lesson, Murray brushed that dirt off his shoulder and put in two solid practice tests.¬† Not sure why he insists on LOSING all canter departs the week before a show but yeah it’s probs my fault.

3. This show is local.¬† Only a few people from my barn are competing.¬† Very few things can go so terribly wrong that my obsessive overpacking of extra tack or a rapid trip back to my barn or a loan from a friend can’t fix.

4. I have beer.

5. One of my friends is bringing me oxyclean tomorrow. ‚̧