eventers wit’ attitude

I’m sick in bed and have no media for more Murray-related posts after yesterday’s jubilant exclamation that I CLIPPED THAT MOFO WITHOUT RESTRAINT!!!  So today you get a funny-heavy post, which is, I think, exactly what we want on a Monday morning, right?

I started pioneering the blog-chosen show name for Murray last weekend at the schooling show.  Unfortunately, the lovely, 50+ year old woman who was doing the announcing did not get the reference.  She announced us as “Notorious….. OTTB.  Off track thoroughbred, Notorious!”

biggie smalls notorious big biggie notorious tanning of america

Anyway, RBF has her Original Gangsta, and we both have rather extreme senses of humor so… we make videos about them.

It started with just dubbing the audio from classic YouTube videos under a sedated G after his dental exam (he is suuuuuuuuch a light weight guys!)

And then we got inspirational

And then we got a little creative with Derby, RBF’s older gelding who will eat, well, just about anything.  Today he took a good hunk out of a raw zucchini before he decided that it wasn’t horse food.

We have more videos planned.  Notably, a “shit eventing trainers say” video (to rival shit hunter trainers say, sans super hipster bearded trainer), and hopefully someday soon our very own horse rap videos.  (Also, do you guys think there’s any safe way to put a fake grill on a horse? No…?)

We are looking for a few more hardcore poniez to round out our Eventers Wit’ Attitude clan…all the best rap clans have more than two members (Wu Tang, 93′ Til Infinity, the Gorillaz… etc.).  If you have any gangsta horses and riders in mind…

Also, I think we’re going to recreate this.


And obviously, no ponies, horses, or humans were harmed in the making of this video!