HJU MacRider saddle giveaway!!

Hello readers, all twelve of you.

If you didn’t know already, Horse Junkies United is giving away a MacRider dressage saddle.

The competition is 10 days long and has some rules, but here’s the cliff notes:

1. You must answer the questions on all 10 days of giveaway posts to be eligible. However, you don’t have to do this day by day! You can go and answer questions 1-5 today, and then 4-6 on the 23d as long as they are all answered by 11:59 EST on the 23rd of December.

2. You must like the MacRider page on Facebook.

3. You must be actively sharing the contest on social media (be that Twitter, FB, your blog, or elsewhere).

Since I basically want Charlie of The Dressage Connection to be my in-house saddle fitter and to talk to him about saddles forever, I’m not having a problem at all hearing about how luscious this MacRider Evolution is.

Even if you hate dressage and aren’t interested in a new saddle (or don’t want a 17.5 or think a MW won’t fit you), with a saddle valued at over $4000, you’re bound to be able to sell it and recoup your “losses” and buy yourself something that fits!  So go over there and enter!!

MacRider USA saddle-fitting videos

If you haven’t already, you should check out these videos made in collaboration between The Dressage Connection and MacRider USA saddles.  I am in no way a saddle fit expert — except, perhaps, in that I cleverly “chose” a horse with an easy to fit back!! — and these videos are informational, entertaining, and short enough to be easy to fit into your schedule!  I also find the host super entertaining, and the topics to be very relevant.  As they make more (because they will! I will die without them!), I’ll continue to share.

On the MacRider gullet system

On tree adjustability