equestrian haikus

The other day Aimee posted something in the comments that was almost a haiku, and it cracked me up.  And then I thought, holy shit equestrian haikus that is such a good idea.  Plus, I’m sick in bed and mostly consuming hot chocolate as sustenance, so why NOT write a bunch of haikus?

IMG_9297This mane smell so good
Chicken wingin’, leg swingin’
Make George Morris proud

What do you mean I
Need to sit tall to fences?
Oh I get it now.

Stretch tall but sit down,
Inside leg to outside rein
Maybe it will work

Neck braced, back so stiff,
I shall not relax, no way.
Dressage is torture

Gangsta leans are great
For ghost-riding or rappers.
Not so for riding.

New jumps, rustling leaves,
Flowers, cars, lawn chairs, shavings:
Shit my horse spooks at

16019201964_b78d562d0c_kWind in our hair
Flying over hill and dale
Oh what a feeling

Anyone else want to join in?  I figure we can make a whole thing of it… you know… one of those things.

blog hop

For fun, and since I always sew a bit more during the holidays, there will be some fun sewn prizes up for grabs as well.  Probably a saddle cover and a quarter sheet.  But I’m not quite sure yet.

Edit: Okay, so here’s the deal.  We are going to haiku until the end of November.  You have time because I am not one to rush poetry out of anyone.  At the end of November I will decide on two haikus for give-away.  At first inclination, I want to do this based on awesomeness, but I’ve already seen some really funny and hilarious haikus.  So I think it’s going to be random again.  There will be two items up for grabs.

quarter1. A quarter sheet made in teal/white chevrons.  Like below, but imagine it fits your horse better, because this was my first horsey sewing project and I got impatient with the measuring.

wpid-wp-1447656738259.png2. A custom reversible saddle cover.  You pick fabrics, give me approximate sizing, and I sew.  Boom.  Done.

Now, show me your haikus!