haiku clarifiction & three bridle family

I posted some haikus last week, and mentioned that I’d turn it into a little blog hop and have some prizes at the end.  Why prizes?  Because I felt like it.

So hwpid-wp-1447656738259.pngere’s the deal (and I’ve clarified in the original post also).  Write some haikus.  Write one.  Write many.  Write them good, bad, happy, or sad.  At the end of November (this month has thirty days, right?) I’ll make sure I’ve read everyone’s haikus, I will draw random entries for the winners.  Two things are up for grabs: a chevron-and-white quarter sheet (fit to your pony), and a reversible saddle cover.  Now, write away!






Oh hey look!  This was from back when I still had my good lead rope, and Murray wore a chain full time.

In more important news, the ineffable SprinklerBandit basically made all my dreams come true and allowed me to purchase my dream PS of Sweden bridle for a fraction of its MSRP.  In an interesting quirk of social media fate, I got a notification on my phone that one of my Facebook friends had posted in English Tack Trader.  I’m actually really sick of this particular feature, so was about to turn it off, when I decided to peruse what SB had posted.



I have lusted after this bridle for basically ever, but since I live on my grad student budget, I’m not about to be buying a $300 bridle from Europe.  BUT NOW I HAS IT AND IT IS MAGNIFICENT.  And it looks damn good on Murray to boot.

Now I need to buy another of these magical cheapo French link bits that Murray seems to like, because right now I only have the one and I’ve been swapping it back and forth between my dressage bridles.  And that annoys me.

So now I am a three bridle family!! I have my PS, a hacking/schooling/pony bridle (figure 8), and my dressage bridle, and my bridle family is complete!!