TOABH: Sugar Momma

Sugar Momma.
Let’s continue pretending that horse poop magically transforms into money instead of the other way. ¬†So money doesn’t matter. ¬†If you could buy anything for your horse, what would you buy?¬†

Oooh, if I could buy ANYTHING for my horse, what would it be?

So, I’m rich right? I buy a truck and trailer. ¬†A nice big Dodge or diesel Chevy and a warmblood sized Hawk two-horse (bumper pull straight load, no mangers), don’t anticipate myself needing anything more than that. ¬†That way I can pop me and my bestie in there and head over to dressage clinics and shows without the need for our trainer to haul us! ¬†The trailer would, of course, have four saddle racks and a billion hooks. ¬†No mangers — hay bags only, and escape doors on both sides. ¬†Then: go to those clinics and dressage schooling shows!!

Hawk TrailersMy precioussssssss

Maybe I DO go for the gooseneck. Then bestie and I can sleep up there. ¬†What? Just because I’m rich doesn’t mean I don’t want to sleep near my horses!

I love where I board, so there’s no reason to change that. ¬†Instead, I’d renovate my barn. ¬†Get a grader and some earth moving equipment and re-grade all the paddocks off the main barn for appropriate drainage (I’m so whimsical…), tamp down the soil, then add 3 more inches of pea gravel. ¬†I’d build shelters over the gates that drain into underground water storage tanks, doubling to keep the gate area dry and to provide us with water through the rough months. ¬†Pasture drainage there isn’t much I can do about — so whatever.


Then I’d attack the footing. ¬†I personally like the sand/gravel mix we have right now, but it does put a damper on riding when it’s wet out. ¬†So I’d go all-weather. ¬†First the indoor, then the outdoor (or the other way around, depending on the weather) would have the current footing dragged up, the base packed down, and then get converted to properly all-weather so we can ride¬†even in the rain. ¬†Not that I would. ¬†For I am a sissy.

Next up: tack, bitches! ¬†I’m not a tack no, and I don’t actually have a desire to hoard tack. ¬†Somehow, having extra tack hanging around my life just makes me cranky and annoyed — probably because I don’t have enough space for it. ¬†But there are a few items I really, really want.

A custom CWD would definitely make me happy. ¬†I already have a lovely monoflap dressage saddle that fits both of us well and was a steal, so until that stops working out I’ll keep it.

And then these. Which I have been lusting over more and more ever since I saw them and every time I see a review.  But since my horse poops out money, getting one (or THREE) is no object. None at all.

PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution

My only hesitations about this bridle is the height of the noseband — I like my current figure-8 because it keeps pressure off any soft tissue on Murray’s face by having a high noseband. ¬†I’ve never seen a High Jump and well-fitted figure-8 side by side though, so perhaps it would be all fine.

The last thing I would get is completely for Murray. Totally not selfish at all. I mean, I get lonely at night without a companion so… might not he?