TOABH: Wish We Could

Beka, let me just say that I am loving this blog hop series!

Wish We Could
Let’s pretend that financial restrictions don’t exist and logistics isn’t a nightmare.  If you could do anything with your Ponykins, what would you do?

I would take Murray to as many Area VI and some Area VII events as I could, at whatever level we were, to try to qualify for the American Eventing Championships at the end of the season — probably an event or more a month, honestly.  As it is, the two limitations above are pretty big ones for us; I can neither afford to go to enough events to qualify nor do I have the time to do so.  You need to place 1st-3rd in at least 2 rated events or 1st-3rd at a regional championships (which means that you already placed 1st-3rd at an earlier rated event that year),  with no cross country refusals, in order to qualify (er, could be wrong on that one, but that’s my basic interpretation).  Given that a rated event runs anywhere from $600-1000 once you include hotel, gas, and food, I can afford to do approximately one in any given year, until I get a real person salary.  But Murray and I LOVE eventing, and with any luck I’m going to have a Real Job soon, so hope for this exists on the horizon.

IMG_5527More of this!! Lots more! And bigger. And faster. TWSS.


Why no change of discipline?  Well, honestly, I’m not super into any of the Western competition disciplines, so that kinda rules out one side of riding.  I’ve done a bit of horseback ranch work before, growing up, and I like it but I don’t know that it’s a goal of mine.  And other English disciplines just aren’t as fun to me as eventing!  I’d love to fox hunt sometime, but I know that with his current mental blockage about groups of horses in big spaces Murray could not handle that.

So, what do you wish was possible with your pony?!