happier things

I’m not very good at getting involved in politics, and I really suck at discussing it with strangers, so I’m going to leave things as they are and move on to happier things.

One of the amazing, wonderful boarders that I share a tack room with took it upon herself to do some renovations this week. I was supposed to help but cleverly poisoned myself with some slightly-past-good creme fraiche, so was out of the loop until I showed up to see the magnificent transformation.  It won’t seem like a transformation to you all, since you didn’t get to see the pit that was “before”, but here’s “after”.

tackroom tackroom2

My barn straight up does not have enough tack room space for all the boarders, but we’ve all agreed that building a new tack room shakes out a less important than improving footing or paddocks.  I keep my stuff in the tack room that was once restricted to our trainer, working students, and leasers of her horses only (so that all the tack belonging to/used for her horses would be kept in one place).  It has since expanded to include three other boarders, and when you have twelve saddle racks and twelve bridle hooks that 9 people who event are trying to share well

macaronsSo this is a huge improvement and I’m overjoyed and need to think of a good gift for our boarder and her handy friend.  (Any ideas on gifts for 50+ year old men who are willing to take a day off and rebuild things to help out a friend?!).

Murray has been a super star, despite a week off thanks to travel and work.  We have become even more consistent in developing the connection from ride to ride and I’ve started to work on transitions between the gaits now.  It’s something Murray can do beautifully on the lunge line and when he decides he’s prepared for it, but we struggle with maintaining an active walk so we can do them at the drop of a hat.  Add in rider struggle bus and things get exponentially harder.  But on Tuesday we got some solid work on transitions that didn’t involve anticipation OR me trying to yank his head down.  So that’s progress for both of us.

RBF Q’s baby horse blew a massive heel abscess which obviously brought me great joy.  And my boyfriend proved he is truly my soulmate by responding “Pics for me?” when I told him about it.  Between Q and I we had soaked the abscess for four straight days and only seen (unfortunately) increasing discomfort.  As we dried off the hoof to wrap it that day it started to seep and drain (and yes we poked and prodded it to see how productive it would be).  Four days after that the baby horse is happily galloping around in pasture again.

I don’t like the pain they cause our horses, but I secretly love abscesses. I know there are those among you who do too.

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