why do you write like you’re running out of time?

A few things on Friday (a… Friday Five maybe?!) to get you into the weekend.


1. If you aren’t listening to/haven’t listened to Hamilton… WHY AREN’T YOU?  It is well worth two and a half hours in the car, in your house, or on your horse. I am obsessed and listen approximately every other day.  I’m not terribly into musical theatre or even music, but I’m into this piece of musical theatre.  Go stream the whole album on Amazon Prime.  Also, I now think Hercules Mulligan would be an amazing name for an event horse.

2. This article is about one of my MIL’s trainers, Miguel Tavora.  You can find it on page 100 of The Horse magazine here.  The Horse actually has a shockingly easy reading platform, and it’s free!  I’ve watched a few Miguel clinics and am very interested in his training techniques and methodology — I’ve seen a few horses trained in his program become really successful individuals now, so that’s helpful.  He says some really wonderful and profound things about training and helping a horse find their balance and not pushing/forcing/fixing them into a balance.

3. I will be working with a neat program called Experiment! this fall that crowd funds research projects.  They have helped researchers fund such awesome studies as high-tech interactive foraging toys for rhinos, establishing a new penguin colony in South Africa, and how floppy-bodied creatures eat hard things.  Some of the other awesome campaigns running right now include exploring the effects of the Chernobyl disaster on wildlife disease, a coral reef microbiome, and whether or not Chipotle makes bigger burritos for bigger people. Maybe some of us equine researchers should come up with a good research project to propose?!

4. Have any of you ever tried the Buband?  I have one to review so expect to hear about it soon.  I wouldn’t characterize myself as terribly well-endowed or really even uncomfortable when I ride or exercise, but could I be more comfortable?  That is the question.

homer simpson the simpsons fat justice jiggle

5. As always, we are looking for more volunteers for the WSS one day on October 1st.  If you travel to California for my horse show, I will let you sleep at my house (with my cat, and possibly my dog).  I will even let you sleep in my bed!  Since I will be out of town at a wedding.  As usual — you know how to get in touch if you’re free.

corgiderpIt’s fun! Come and play!


7 thoughts on “why do you write like you’re running out of time?”

  1. I’ve heard about the BuBand and I look like it would work. I have absolutely no boobs though, so I could legit ride with no support (and actually have before on accident) so I don’t think I will be getting it.


  2. I love the crowd funding for research projects! That’s such a cool idea. I can’t say I’m too interested in burrito sizes, as hilarious as that is, but the Chernobyl wildlife and penguin colonies is pretty neat!


  3. Totally listening to Hamilton now — I ❤ Amazon Prime. Also, BuBand sounds really interesting… although none of the women on the website are particularly well-endowed IMHO so… does it actually work? Admittedly I am…. very well-endowed so maybe my perspective is skewed, lol


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