Wordless Wednesday: Pony Play Date

Wednesday is normally my jump lesson day, so I often call it Hump Day Jump Day. Alas, lessons were cancelled today for inclement weather — the rain was coming in sideways in the indoor!  Because of this, of course, the sun was shining as soon as I got to the barn and stayed that way for a few hours.  So T and I had ourselves a little pony playdate with Murray (mine) and Connor (hers).

Murray catching the big air.


IMG_7802 IMG_7803Connor doing the same.

IMG_7901 IMG_7869 IMG_7864


Please ignore that my horse is a filth monster.

IMG_7843Since I only ever ride the guy and never see him work, I’m fairly terrified that Murray is a hideous mover. Fortunately, he seems pretty cute here!

IMG_7931 IMG_7955

Our barn has become beautiful lakefront property thanks to some much-needed California storms!!

IMG_7949My Ellie Swamp Monster in action in the drainage ditch.



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