photo-dump wednesday: the house

We moved to Oregon about two and a half months ago. Moving is always a pain in the ass, but this move has been a bit more of a pain than usual. You see, we moved into a house that has been continuously lived-in by family members since 1972. In fact, my partner’s great grandfather bought the property nearly a century ago. As you might imagine on a hundred year old property that nobody ever properly moved out of, we inherited a lot of stuff.

some very amusing stuff, to be sure

Like, an entire basement (the same size as the house), full to the brim of stuff. I’m not even bothering with a picture of the basement because a) you can’t capture the whole thing in one frame, b) a picture doesn’t come close to showing the magnitude of shit in there, and c) it’s horrifying.

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bathroom traysure #oldhousetreasures

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A lot of the time, I look at all the stuff and think “traysure!!”

like all of these old horse shoes and bits — accompanied by a modern mud scraper?

holy mother of god that’s a big mullen mouth — ooh! a stud chain!

Sometimes, I’m annoyed at the previous tenants for kicking the putting-stuff-in-the-trash can down the road for four generations.

But those old timers put in place some awesome thinking-ahead-for-my-grand-kids plans as well. Like five apple trees and a cherry tree that are well pruned, climbable, and bear a ton of fruit. A mixed bed of summer- and fall-bearing raspberries that are doing pretty well despite a couple of summers of (clearly benign) neglect. Blueberry bushes. An asparagus bed!

Along with gorgeous shade trees and a passive solar orientation to the house that means it was never above 80* here in the late summer, and hasn’t dipped below 60* yet this fall.

not used to these colours

There’s this amazing little garden path that was magical this summer, and got even more magical once the leaves started to fall. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

many of those weeds are gone now, and we’re replacing them with kitchen herbs and native flowers

Suffice to say, there’s been plenty to do to keep my mind off of a lame pony.

crazy old walnut tree

There’s still an absurd amount to do. I guess this is adulting?

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It's. So. FLUFFY.

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Someone is still lame and has his third vet appointment since moving to Oregon tomorrow. So updates on that soon.

8 thoughts on “photo-dump wednesday: the house

  1. What a gorgeous place!

    Feeling you on the lame pony thing – mine’s been injured just over a week now and has been to the clinic so far on two different occasions – one for an overnight stay for Colic. She’s also living at a different barn until she is ready to come home. She’s not happy 😦


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