the times they are a changin’

I’ve always considered myself Very Australian.

There’s a sense of peace that I feel nowhere other than South Australia. The second I step off of the plane, something about the smell of the wind and the salt in the air says “you’re home.”

But the reality is that I haven’t lived in Australia for more than a decade — closer to two. We moved to California in 2002, I did a few years of high school, and promptly landed myself in a place whose landscape was very familiar and comforting.

sunrise in Davis

I’ve always been attracted to a certain type of landscape.

the view out my bedroom window in Congo

I’ve lived in Davis as long as I lived in Australia — if you don’t mind the year I spent living in Kenya and Congo. This place is more my home than anywhere in California. The formative years of my life have been spent here.

sunrise over Mt. Kenya — this was a good year too

I got my horse here. I built my barn family here. I found a kitten and got a dog.

And now, we are leaving. Murray and Jelly and my partner and I are moving. Not far. Just a little ways (600 miles) up the road, to somewhere rather a lot different.

Image result for aurora, oregon

Most of the kinks are sorted. We have a place to live, I found a place for Murray to live. We move in a little under four weeks.

piglet will miss this!

It’s a big change. Not a small item in the “cons” list of this move was leaving my barn family and amazing friends. But we’ll always have the internet, and couches to crash on. And a 9 hour drive isn’t thaaaat bad. I’ve done it before.

So bottom’s up for new life adventures!

16 thoughts on “the times they are a changin’”

  1. Best wishes for a move that goes as smoothly as possible!! It’s hard to leave the barn family and friends and go somewhere unknown, but I always found comfort in telling myself I could always move back home if I really really hated it (spoiler alert, I haven’t!)


  2. Yay! Congrats on starting a new chapter! I always find it harder to leave a good barn/barn family then an apartment, house, or town. (or even job!) Can’t wait to hear more.


  3. good luck with the move!! i am an extremely change averse individual and find it wholly terrifying. and yet my life today is almost unrecognizable from what it was even just ~2 yrs ago. if i’ve learned anything from this somewhat lengthy period of change, it’s that… well, as far as i can tell, there are actually very few *wrong* choices. not everything has worked out the way i wanted, and some things i would do differently given another chance. but mostly? it’s all ok and life goes on and all that good stuff. hope you love the new town!


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