hard walk week

Poor Murray has had a hell of a week.

First, I made him lose all of the skin on his cannons with my over-liberal application of Equiderma lotion. ¬†Then I forced him to do so much walking it’s absurd. ¬†Walking is the worst.

On Monday, when I went to wrap up Murray’s cruddy/scabby right hind, he said “no thank you”. ¬†He kept picking the leg up and scampering away from me when I went to wrap it, so I asked my barn manager to give me a hand. ¬†She has a special relationship with Murray — i.e. he behaves for her, because he knows he has to. ¬†He wouldn’t even let her touch his leg, so she had a conversation with him, and then wrapped his leg while he was standing ground tied in the barn aisle.



On Tuesday, I figured I’d skip the wrapping drama and twitch Murray before I attempted to clean out the goop on his leg. ¬†I asked barn manager for help with a handy-twitch. ¬†When barn manager went to put on the twitch, Murray said “no thank you”. ¬†Then they had a discussion about accepting a twitch and not being a butt when someone touches your face. ¬†She got him twitched, and I wrapped his leg in the parking lot (where he had ended ¬†up over the course of the discussion).

On Wednesday, I wrapped his leg in his stall and it was relatively drama free. I think I had to use some stern words to remind him to keep his manners about him, but other than that, no big.

On Thursday, as I was booting up to ride (I’m riding in diagonal-opposite boots on the good legs right now), Murray LEAPT away from me and right into our barn manager. ¬†And not just a little bit, he leapt into her and kept on going through her as if she didn’t even exist. ¬†Then they had a discussion about respecting peoples’ space.

On Friday, Murray ¬†let me do his girth up to the third hole on each side (one higher than usual), while he was tied, and he didn’t move a muscle, except to remind me to please put one more carrot in the machine. ¬†[I was actually floored by this, and NOBODY who knows us was around to appreciate it. DEVASTATING. He got a huge pile of carrots as a reward though.]

He’s got the weekend off, and we’ll get back to torture next week!