video from twin

I splurged and bought RideOn Videos at Twin, and it was not a waste!  I can’t embed them, but you can find them on the RideOn website.

Dressage (watch out for Murray’s buck right at C!)

Cross Country (I look like a drunk monkey in this video, but since it represents a significant portion of the first 30 minutes I ever spent in that saddle, I’ll take it — plus, Murray was such a star)

Stadium (sometimes, you’ve just got to double check every fence on course to ensure there are no crocodiles or spare mongooses beneath them)


6 thoughts on “video from twin”

  1. I’m just catching up on my blog reading and I just want to send you a huge CONGRATS!!! I’m seriously so excited for you and Murray, you do such a fantastic job with him so it’s great to see it pay off with some nice ribbons. Congrats!!


  2. You do such a great job of riding Murray, no matter WHAT he’s doing! I love seeing how confident you both get throughout the rides 😀


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