no work ethic

Murray is really struggling to get back into this “work” thing. ¬†He’s been objecting to all kinds of everything in his favourite way. ¬†On Monday there was a little baby California King snake sheltering from the rain in the arena. ¬†Another rider and I decided it was probably in the safest place it could be, tucked up against the permanently-closed doors on the East side of the arena. ¬†Of course, that was exactly the place that Murray chose to kick in anger when I asked for a canter transition. ¬†He WOULD be the one to murder a baby king snake.

Image result for danger noodle

But we have clinics and lessons and things stacked up for this month, so to work we must return. ¬†Hawley comes on the 25th and 26th, and I’d like to demonstrate that I have progressed at least¬†somewhat since she last saw us. ¬†I don’t see us getting any real turnout any time soon, so Murray and I will both have to grow a better Winter Work Ethic. ¬†Schedule-making WILL be happening.

The saddle search is going terribly. ¬†I don’t know where to start so… I’m pretty lost. ¬†Fitter is coming back this weekend with a bunch of saddles for me to try that will hopefully help narrow my focus a little. ¬†Then I can hit up the eBay and ETT and haggle my little heart out. (Kidding, Peony’s gonna haggle for me!)

Fortunately, there are plenty of things that are also keeping me going through the winter. Like puppies.

My barn manager can’t seem to stop. It’s her third foster litter in a year.

wp-1486451834928.jpgGinny is the cutest. I want her to go home with Megan.


Also, blue eggs!  To get more blue egg layers we went to a chicken show. A CHICKEN SHOW.  It was amazing.  And noisy. So noisy.

If we are lucky, one of the hens will go broody on some fertilized eggs (and damn are those eggs fertilized! Dawkins, our rooster, boinks his lady friends about seventeen times a day EACH, so unless he’s sterile they are ALL super pregnant right now), and we can hatch some olive- and green- and blue layers. ¬†We are totally addicted to colored eggs now.

I have plants growing in my bedroom still. ¬†Lots of tomatoes and peppers right now, and perhaps some cucumbers later in the season. ¬†If you’re local and want some tomatoes or peppers… talk to me.

I’ve also been riding a friend’s horse for her while she’s gone. ¬†I adore Logan and always have fun riding him. ¬†Sometimes I even prioritize his rides over Murray’s, because I know that Murray is happy to sit for a few days and Logan does better with a more regular schedule (even if the rides are quite short). ¬†Today when I pulled Murray out of his stall after riding Logan my heart was so full and happy to see¬†his little pin-head and baby face. ¬†I do so love my horse.