2016 goals review

I haven’t even looked at my goals list for this year yet and I know how minimal my accomplishments will be.  The year was not what I thought it would be for money, competition, fame, fortune, or anything that goes with it.  But it was a great year nonetheless, and has certainly shown me a thing or two about what my goals and “timeline” really should be for myself and my princess pony.

So let’s see how things really went.


I apparently set myself up for success by having my big goal this year be to keep learning from Murray.  I definitely did this.  He has taught me many things, but key among them has been to stop  being a dick about things.  Just because I’m right doesn’t give me an excuse to be an asshole.

Keep Murray’s health and wellbeing a priority — Success!  Pony is strong and a little chubby and pretty happy and shiny.


Increase Murray’s strength and suppleness — Also going to call this one a success.  Murray might not be as cardiovascularly fit as he was at this time last year since we have had so much time off this year, but he is overall stronger and more capable.  He’s also straighter and more flexible, if you can believe it. Wiinning.

Keep working on Murray’s behavior away from home — We didn’t go many places this year.  We had one horrifying, disastrous outing where I got publicly reprimanded for beating (some sense into) my horse.  But we also had two outings where Murray didn’t break away or get loose once!  Call it a halfie?

Show 2’9″ and 3′ and go clear the first time around — Nope. I showed BN once and went to no other away-from-home jumping events.

Show Beginner Novice and end on my dressage score — I didn’t do this either.  I did show BN once this year, but I accrued both time penalties and rails.  But it was the right choice.  I didn’t have the time, money, or opportunity to show more this year.  Despite not achieving this goal, I’m satisfied with Murray’s and my progress.  We did good work.

Show First level dressage — Nope.  I was soooo not ready.  I didn’t know it then, but I know it now.

Attend a rated dressage show — More nope.

Show at two new venues this year

Image result for nopetopus

Move up to Novice — This was a stretch goal, and neither Murray nor I was really ready for it.  That’s okay, there are other years for this.


Learn to sit the trot — I don’t do this very much with Murray, but I can do it.  Especially on my MIL’s horses.  I’m giving myself a 75% on this one.

Even out my hands — Success!  I am still inclined to be right-hand dominant, but I am way, way, way better than in the past.

Elastic elbows, consistent rein length — Success!! I can do this both jumping and in dressage.  This is epic.  I don’t even remember that I set this goal so it’s pretty awesome that I achieved it!


Learn how to ride like Hawley Bennett — Uhhh well, not really sure how well this worked out.  Let’s give it a 7% success?

Precision — I am still working on precision, and I’m having a lot of fun doing it.  Murray and I are both better at listening to one another and getting the long spot or the short spot as appropriate (not “as Murray feels like it”).  So I’d say I did pretty good on this one too!


Pay off the credit card — Nope. Embarrassing.  It’s not a huge balance, but it’s still carrying one.  It turns out that being funemployed for 6 months does not make for success in this realm.

Create a budget, stay within it — I pretty much did this.  I forwent a lot of potential shows and clinics, worked off my lessons, didn’t buy things I didn’t need, and didn’t make my debt any worse, at least.

Be able to run 3 miles without getting winded — I… cannot do this.


play06and it feels like this….

Develop a steady source of adult-adjacent income — I really did not do this.  I didn’t have a real adult income for at least 3 months this year, and while I’ve managed to get it together toward the end of the year and find a job for the new year (hooray!) this wasn’t really achieved in 2016.

Sell the horse — I did, in fact, find the Peanut a new home.


Post regularly through 2016 — My planned hiatus in March notwithstanding, I posted a fair bit.  Less than last year, but still fairly cosistent.

Develop NorCal OTTB blog into something more — I did not do this.  For reasons that needn’t be discussed in depth on the internet, NorCal OTTB has taken a back seat in the lives of everyone involved.  It lives on but in a smaller form.

9 thoughts on “2016 goals review”

  1. 7% on riding like Hawley sounds like a pretty baller accomplishment to me 😉 Even tho some of your goals didn’t pan out the way you expected it’s been pretty awesome to see how much Murray has advanced in his flat work! Also tho. Yay for graduating!!


  2. I totally get both the figuring out that you need to take things slower with your horse, and finding out that you were further from being able to reach a goal than you originally thought. I experienced both of those this year myself and my (in draft stage) year end goal review post is not looking too impressive. Horses make planning hard. I’m glad I’m not the only one to struggle with this. Congrats on the goals you did hit, especially graduating!


  3. Congratulations on graduating! I have so much catching up to do on your blog. You accomplished a lot! Sometimes, I think that our horses hear our goals and bust out in a very sinister laugh.


  4. I love that your big goal was to learn from him. We can make goals and plans, but sometimes they do not work out for the better…and that you graduated! Congrats!


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