revelatory consistency

I’m pretty sure I’m the first person ever to have this revelation about horses, or possibly about the world in general, but riding Murray consistently has been AMAZING for our ability to make progress.

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In the last few weeks I have gotten the upper hand over SEVERAL bad habits that I’ve been trying to break for YEARS now.  I’ve shortened my reins!  Murray responds consistently to the leg (even at the walk, which is shocking!)!!  Murray gets to work after warm up and is forward and businesslike!!!  My legs are not swinging wildly behind the saddle, and I’m using my calf to communicate.  I’m even managing to chip away at my horrible tendency to scrunch up my right side

Who knew this?!  How much better would I be at riding if I’d known to just be consistent and not suck?  Or at least, not suck relative to my skill level and proficiency.

IMG_8304relative skill level: low

I have also been trying to keep up with the work assigned to me by Megan and JM, which actually dovetail really nicely.  They both want Murray to be more straight and transferring power from hindquarters to forequarters, which in turn then allows me to work on improving the quality of his gaits.  Though shockingly, when Murray is moving forward into both reins his gaits are not terrible.

So that’s where we’re at right now.  Also, my bestie has been letting me ride her baby horse and I’m completely, deeply, terribly obsessed with him.  And weirdly, consistency is applying to other horses too!

logan01please excuse my inability to follow and not hold – we are still getting to know one another


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