embrace the suck

Since I started riding properly again, I’ve been floored by how much work Murray and I still have to do.  It wasn’t that I thought our skills and riding were amaaaaayyyzing when I was hardly riding, it was more that if I was only riding once or twice a week it seemed like a lot of effort to tackle something really hard only to have it go un-reinforced for a few days (or weeks).  It was easier just to… not.  But now that we’re back at it, I’ve realized we kinda really suck.  And I’m loving it!

yves7we r so gud at obedience

There is so much room for improvement, and with these ideals in mind I’m ready to tackle it all.  So what if we spend close to 45 minutes just connecting to both reins and moving into the connection?  Sometimes, evidently, it takes professionals that long too!

So let’s do this. And let’s do it right. (Cue Home Depot music.)

dress-1and we r so gud at dressage

We’re going to have a consistent, even connection to both reins.  No more pussy footing around on this one.

Leg will mean something — for me AND Murray!  No more nagging on my part, and no more ignoring cues on his.

I will keep my leg under me and stop swinging it all the way back towards Murray’s haunches for no good reason.  I’m also going to use my body properly, sit up straight, and not block Murray’s movement with weird shoulda leans.

And we will go forward and straight.  The hardest thing for us.  This, I anticipate, will occupy 95% of our time — accepting that forward and straight is the ONLY solution.  But that’s okay.  We’ve got nothing but time.

dress-4forward + straight is the only way

Let’s do this.

(PS I wrote this on the weekend and somehow the internet ate it — the first time that’s happened to me on this blog!  Or maybe I was just drunk and didn’t really write it? Anyway, I liked the old version more but this one will suffice as a re-write, I guess.)


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