IWJSJ Blog Hop: Fuuuuuuck yeeeaaaahhh

Approximately a million years ago Beckz started a celebration of being badass.  This was something I totally got behind, and then didn’t post on my blog for like a month.  You know, because life.  So here are some belated yet still celebratory pictures of feeling awesome.

I came back from Africa and took myyyyy brand new baby horse cross country schooling just seven weeks later…


The first time we jumped the quarter round.  I was deliriously happy.

If you can't be kind, be quiet

I was completely obsessed with this canoe.


We didn’t finish the event (at BN), but my trainer took me out to school anyway (and let me jump one training fence)!


Conquering the stupid downhill log…


And up for good measure…


I jumped this novice down bank. IN A COMBINATION. After not riding for essentially a month. LOL WUT.


And a few not related to the notorious one! The first time I ever jumped 3’3″… with the Mighty Mouse.  This tiny bit of badassery carried me through for a looong time.

might bigger

In my first competition XC run, over the last fence!


Bonus: baby Nicole KILLIN’ IT on this funny-lookin’ palomino


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