in the green

A couple of weeks ago Karen posted about the behaviors Eli has adapted and developed while under her care. So while I’ve been sulking about the fact that I don’t have a job, don’t have a house, and don’t own anything of value except Murray, I started doing the same and comforted myself quite a bit.  Murray has made a ton of progress in our time together, and it is nothing to sneeze about.

wp-1464679577850.jpgCamelot Horse Trials -- but mostly tribulations!
The resemblance really is striking…

So I made my own chart.  Murray’s previous behaviors are listed on the left, and comments on the right.  I color-coded the comments as red (no change/still bad), yellow (some progress), and green (legit progress!) and gave a little description about them.  I also realised that Murray is waaaay weirder on the ground than he is under saddle.  Like… a lot.

ground behaviors

under saddle

There’s a lot of green in these charts.  That is a lot to be proud of, even if I don’t own a house.

13 thoughts on “in the green”

  1. Oooo this is such a great idea! I’m going to start making one when TC comes home and see how he progresses. Sometimes it’s really hard to see progress when it isn’t incredibly obvious. Murray is becoming quite the gentleman!


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