home again

I got home from Australia on Sunday and promptly drove from my parents’ house (near the airport) to my house so I could sleep in my own bed and see my creatures.  Murray was my first stop, and while he wasn’t exactly pleased to see me, at least he didn’t totally run away.  But I was interrupting his supplement finishing and hay eating with my desire to scratch and pat him and tell him all about my adventures, which is clearly inappropriate.  I should keep my silly human stories to myself.

Once home I did all the adult things you have to do when you get back from vacation — unload the car, water the plants, clean up after pets, take a shower, get out the gifts, have a nap, regret your nap because jet leg, etc.  Fortunately for me, my lovely boyfriend came to my rescue with a happy Jellinore to wake me up, cooked me dinner, and let me watch Masterchef until the wee hours.

image2 (1)Murray was kept incredibly well in my absence.  It is huge to know that you can leave for an extended period and your horse will be more than perfectly happy in your absence.  I got lots of messages with pictures of Murray napping luxuriously in the sunshine from my friends, and of course an awesome reminder that my friends came to visit.

Murray and I also had a terrific first ride back from vacay.  The girl who rides him for me when I’m away must have all the same foibles as me because he felt exactly the same as when I left — in a good way!  He was soft and flexy and very reasonable.  This is especially encouraging considering that my last ride with Murray I really crossed the line from “insisting” to “bullying” about getting him to bend off my inside leg (entirely my fault).

Also, thanks for the encouragement re: when Murray decided to turn the bad behavior up to 11 away from home.  One day he’ll be a really reasonable, broke horse.  I swear.

yves7Murray response: NEVAR

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