we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this important announcement



Last year Murray’s trainer bred a mare that she adores (Breaking Daylight) but who couldn’t cut it on the track to her winning stallion, Coach Bob.  She wanted Scarlett to have somewhere quiet and peaceful for her pregnancy, to foal out, and raise the foal; enter my trainer’s house.

Since Scarlett arrived last year I’ve been grooming her to be my bestie so she would let me play with her baby once it arrived. It wasn’t exactly hard, as she’s a very sweet mare, but I put in some time rubbing her ears kissing her nose.  Scarlett’s pregnancy dragged on and on and on and on…. until 1 AM this morning.


Trainer found a healthy filly in Scarlett’s stall at 1 AM.  I headed out this morning to help with a few antenatal chores and — DUH — to see baby!!!  Baby was brave and feisty when I got in there, so I promptly christened her Feist. B agreed with my naming when we tried to put a halter on her — this overcooked little nugget was rearing and kicking out and an absolute firecracker!

IMG_20160421_092535Horse placentas are enormous!

I spent some time investigating the placenta and exploring its stupendous neatness.  So cool!  For one, enormous.  For two, the ceins and cords are all ropy and magnificent.  The bit fat horn (I think it’s called the pregnant horn?) feels like velvet.  Insane coolness in there.

IMG_20160421_095729Mama Scarlett keeps a watchful eye.

Prepare yourself for many gratuitous baby pics, since I will be out at B’s place pretty often this Summer.  For now, enjoy a ten-hour-old filly’s first day in the world!

IMG_20160421_095557I love dis wall.

IMG_20160421_090908Give me the noms!  Don’t you think she’s tall compared to her mama?