900 FB Pony Blog Hop: The Little Things



What are the “little things” about your horse that you’re so fond of?

There are so many little things I adore about Murray.  There are the really little things, like his slight-pin-head, and his super soft little nose (all the better for being WILDLY CRAZILY SENSITIVE with), and his star that looks like a little jumping horse, and his dorsal stripe and his handsome, rich, mahogany color when he’s not all sun-bleached.

IMG_20150513_125409Fucking devilisly handsome right here. This was the first day I thought “you look like a horse, not a foal.”  I had so much pride.

I love his funny little mind.  I know it often frustrates me, with his terrible horsey-logic that says that all cup-shaped items (buckets, mugs, bowls, shallow depressions in the ground) ever are made of sugar and spice and everything nice and MUST OBVIOUSLY HAVE DELICIOUS FOOD IN THEM but flowers that are blue are DEFINITELY DIFFERENT from flowers that are red and even more terrifying in orange or yellow.  I do like the puzzle, though.  And when he’s not being slightly weird and absurd, he is smart, and he learns fast.

13683828223_75e197e974_osuper cute baby horse learns to jump!

I love that he makes me laugh!  Every day.  All the time.  Even when I’m angry.

I love when he turns around and gives me that judging-pony face, whether it’s when I’m grooming or riding him.  The face that says “are you for real, lady?”


I especially love that Murray pays attention to me when I’m at the barn. He watches me when I’m puttering around or tacking up another horse, and he always has something to say when I first show up at his paddock.  If he’s inside and I come into the barn singing “Hello, Priiiiiiiiincessssssss!!!!!!!!” he always picks his head up, and does so even when I just stand up against his stall and start a conversation with him.

I love that he is an honest communicator.  If he really just can’t, I know about it.  If he only kinda can’t, then we can usually work through it.