battle hymn of the tiger rider

As some of you may know, I am half Chinese.  This is a big part of the reason I never got to ride as a kid — far too expensive, you know.  Plus, I was not supposed to be busy with athletic exploits.  I was supposed to be busy getting As in everything and staring at books, and I was actually busy going to weekend math clubs, entering optional science competitions, studying for standardized tests, and writing essays at the whim of my mother.  Yeah, it’s absolutely as wonderful as it sounds.  Interestingly, I’ve managed to gather quite the coterie of Asian riders — in fact, we make up at least 50% of the Asian representation of any show I’ve gone to.  Some might even call us a gang.

We make a lot of jokes about how our Asian upbringing has affected our riding, and we all agree that the perfectionism insisted upon by our Asian (and sometimes also by the non-Asian) parent gives us a warped perception of what our horses should be capable of.  I mean, come on, Murray — do you think Valegro ever threw tantrums about CANTERING?  And he didn’t even grow up on the track!

So when my RBF was looking at pictures of herself at a dressage schooling show last year and realised she had EPIC ASIAN MOMMY FACE going on, she just had to do something about it.  Something funny, that is.

azn horse mom 1

azn horse mom 2

azn horse mom 3

azn horse mom 4

azn horse mom 6

While they might be horse-centric, these are legitimately things that our Asian mommies could have said.  And probably would have said, if they supported our horse riding.  Of course, Peony and I had to try our hand at this.



Absolutely all credit for this has to go to my RBF, so you should thank her for your Friday Funny.

azn horse mom 5

17 thoughts on “battle hymn of the tiger rider”

  1. bahahahahaha these are great! I did not grow up with an Asian horse mom, but had a lot of friends who couldn’t hang out with me because they had to study for the SAT’s or spend all weekend at a piano competition or try to get into law school at the age of 16.

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  2. Bwahaha!!! ❤️ Omg…when I told my mom my score and how I placed with Stubby at the UCD show she was like “59%? That’s almost an F! And you took 2nd?” 😑 😂


  3. haha that is funny, and not asian, but also a minority child.. therefore always must be a model representation of that minority.. also.. spelling tests every week even when not in school, when in school double spelling tests. 😦


  4. Ahahaha. Coming from a single mom who would yell out arthmetic problems for me to solve as we drove, then get super pissed when I got them wrong (Sorry mom, but some of that learning disabilities is on you… ;)), this pleases me.

    Also. I totally showed my mom. I went to art school… and am pursuing further degrees in the humanities. Take that.

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