2015 goals review

For the first time this year I set some goals for myself, Murray, and my blog.  So for the first time, I will be checking in to see how I did (lies, I checked in all throughout the year, but wasn’t necessarily being official about it).

Horse Goals

Show 2’6″, 2’9″, and 3′ — I only showed 2’6″, so at only a 33% success rate, I’m going to call this one a fail.  I didn’t get out to as many shows as I wanted to (shocking?) and only showed 2’6″ at the ones I did get to.  Ah well!  There’s always next year.


Show Beginner Novice and finish on my dressage score — Success!  We did it at WSS!

Go to a rated show – Another success!  We showed rated at both WSS and Camelot.

Show training level dressage — Failure.  I had high hopes to show First level at a schooling show, but Murray had to go ahead and cut his face open so… that did not happen.

Dressage, dressage, dressage! — Considering that I rode dressage 2-4 days a week this year, and just spent four days at mother-in-law dressage camp, I’m going to go ahead and call this one donezo!


Hammer down Murray’s feeding routine — done.  I am really, really, really pleased with Murray’s weight, and I’m done with alfalfa for-almost-the-most-part.  If I need a little more weight I know how to add it, and if I need a little less screaming hot energy, I know how to get that too.  Success!

Increase Murray’s confidence and independence — this is a work in progress, but considering that I worked at it pretty solidly, I will call it a success.

Hills work off property — I trailered out in February and March and again in April, but haven’t really done hills since the early part of this year.  Still, fairly successful… I will go ahead and give myself this one.


Breeze Murray for giggles — well, I didn’t breeze him, but I have let him go pretty fucking fast a few times and we broke 600 meters per minute on a gallop track.

Sit the trot and no-stirrups weekly — big fat fail on this one, but I will most certainly be sitting the trot weekly this year, as MIL has dictated it for my future dressage study.

Improve my cardio fitness — I… did not do this. I call it a fail.

Personal Goals

Graduate! — nope, don’t wanna talk about it.


Get a job! — I did actually get another job, just not one that uses my skills as a soon-to-be-PhD

Make a budget for life and stay within it — Also don’t want to talk about it.

Be less judgmental and more grateful — YES.  I AM WAY LESS JUDGMENTAL NOW AND HELLA GRATEFUL ALL THE TIME.

Train Ellie to heel and have her nails trimmed — my dog does not give a fuck what I want and is not food motivated and I love her deeply anyway.


Monetize some aspect of my life to make extra income for ponies — I did a bit of this, and am planning to do more!

Learn to drive a truck and trailer — I drove quad and a bobcat with a trailer on them… does that count?

Blog Goals

Keep blogging regularly — I succeeded the shit out of this goal.