Equestian Haikus Roundup

Last month we haiku-ed!  It was cute and fun.  I enjoyed reading everybody’s poems, and marvel over their creativity.  But it turns out I’m not such a trail blazer with the whole equestrian haikus thing.  There was a whole Horse Nation column devoted to them, as well as a twitter account and a few other things. WHATEVER.

Over at No Hour Wasted I found this gem

IMG_3333This is who I am
six legs, four eyes, and two hearts
one soul between us



Feel free to take a few minutes to contemplate the universal truth of that one.




Emma wrote about fences that 12 year olds jump that are actually still too big for some of us.  I also have these feels.

“that jump’s too scary
oh but 12 year olds do it?
still not trying it”

Karen extolled the virtues of Saddle Tite (and Conrad looked clutch in his harness) and then wrote haikus about Conrad while he looked clutch in his cable knit sweater.

“Dog sweaters are es-
pecially cute when worn by
a very cute dog”

Lauren revealed secret show plans!

“Instead, a tiny
Schooling show in the hunters.
Well, this should be good.”

Also, Lauren and SprinklerBandit got into a rap haiku battle in the comments so be sure to check that out.

Redheadlins made graphics! GRAPHICS GUYS.

With beautiful pictures too!

Over at Going Rogue Dancer, Remmie wrote about the “joys” of rehab…

“I want to gallop
Rehab is a bummer-er
ACE is my best friend”

I feel you on the ACE my friend.

And M at Canter and Candor wrote about her noodlekind’s learning process!

“C, stop pretending.
I can tell you’re not bending.
Use your damn muscles.”

I bend, you bend, we
all bend on a circle, right?
Also, T-REX hands.

And Alyssa wrote about the number one goat rules of life.  Which are indisputable, of course.

Put it in your mouth
It is number one goat rule
And stand on the things

Carly wrote a pretty succinct treatise on changes in different disciplines.  And also on basically every jump course where I try to make a change:

“Get the change, she said.
Sit up and add leg, she said.
Too late. We’re jumping.”

My RBF wrote some too!

Left, right, shoulder-fore
Added leg but noodled more

IMG_20151108_120010~2Centerline, a 4

Bronc, leap, shadow spook,
karate kick, self-high-five.
Pony on rice bran.

Hairs in my bra itch,
sticking to my Chapsticked lips.
Clipping season blues.

(Her clipping blues are awesome for me though, because that’s how I got THE DINOSAUR!)

And if noodling down a centerline isn’t a fact of life, I don’t know what is.

SB wrote about training with her thousand pound best friend — ain’t that the truth?

“Training by myself
With my thousand pound best friend
Gives me focus now”

Alli’s haikus featured MINI DONKS.  But actually my fave was the one about work ethic… because my thoroughbred seems to have misplaced his.

“Oh, event pony
Why don’t you have work ethic?
TB’s like their jobs”

This was fun, guys!  If there are any I missed, link me below, and I will add you and include you on my excel spreadsheet random number generator for flashy* prizes.

* and by flashy I mean handsewn and made with love.