her horse hit his face on a fence and you WON’T believe what the vet did next

Actually, if you’ve ever met a veterinarian, you probably will believe it.

In more than two years of owning or care leasing Murray, I’ve never had a veterinary expense out of the routine of biannual vaccines and biennial-ish dentals.

wpid-wp-1447907682639.jpgWomp womp.

So when I found FrankenFace over here on Wednesday morning my first reaction was “SHIT” followed closely by “well, something was bound to happen sooner or later.”

I called the vet out, gave him some bute for the swelling, rode my other horse, and contemplated the fascinating psychology involved in the fact that I could literally barely look at Murray’s now ugly side.  Seriously, I said to one of my friends “it’s so hideous I don’t think I love him any more.”

The non-swollen side was great!  Normal, cute, adorable Murray!  Perky and eating and begging for his grain.  The swollen side was like looking at a hideous beast.  If horses looked like that normally, we would not fawn over them as we do.  For real.

It looked like a fairly superficial scrape with some serious swelling due to location and possibly a very firm bonk during the incident, but I waited upon the vet and didn’t do any bumpkin-folklore-medicine-ing of my own.  But the vet discovered something AMAZING!  #clickbaitygarbage

What appeared to be a deep abrasion was actually a pretty solid lawpid-wp-1447907687776.jpgceration.  A+ for effort, Mr. Sensitive, you really got us with this one!  My vet cleaned everything up, looked at Murray’s cornea for damage (a slight abrasion that should heal up no problem), poked around to make sure the hole didn’t go all the way through, and eventually settled on popping in six tiny stitches.  Murray got that big old cow-syringe full of antibiotics, and we got some topical treatment for his cornea and instructions to keep the kiddo under lock and key for 10 days until the stitches come out.  Oh, but Mr. Sensitive, that doesn’t preclude riding, so get ready to dressage your now-ugly little face off.

The whole thing was shockingly civilized and, if it took a little longer than I hoped, I was not tripping balls about it.  I do feel like having a tiny pity party for myself (duh, thus this post), but other than that, I am actually feeling pretty good.  This could have been way worse, it could have been way more expensive, and my horse could be in way worse shape.

wpid-wp-1447907691218.jpgUgh I think it’s possible he actually looks even more FrankenFace with the swelling gone down a little?

Anyway, so that’s the adventure that happened with my horse on Wednesday.  He gets another day off (haha sorry Peanut! your relaxing Thursday plans are now gone!) and we have scratched the show this weekend.  We will get to a dressage show someday.  This weekend is just not that day.



19 thoughts on “her horse hit his face on a fence and you WON’T believe what the vet did next”

  1. I have had my face swollen up on the same side twice to the point of looking like Murray and I was so afraid people would look at me and go ‘AHH she’s not cute anymore, we do not love her’ So I stayed home and cried.

    Thanks for reaffirming my fears were true ! D:


  2. Fingers crossed his cute little frankenface heals up quickly and easily! My super scientific prediction is that it won’t leave a lasting mark because he can’t possibly have any more character 😉


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