I’m attempting to get back to something of a normal blogging schedule.  School is starting back up, so now I will be juggling my time between my jobs and school a bit more, but I honestly think I can manage it.  As long as I don’t waste too much time driving between places…. I think.

Anyway, this weekend I celebrated a couple of anniversaries.  First, mine!  I had my golden birthday (turned 27 on the 27th!) and one of my friends made me the most magnificent cake EVER.

unicakeThat this cake coincided with team Always Be A Unicorn’s victory at the AECs is no coincidence, I am sure.  Unicorns are majikal.

It looked even better with 27 candles.


And then I sacrificed the horn to the gods.  i.e. I put it on my head and my friends took pictures.

And photoshopped them.


My birthday is also, almost, Murray’s and my anniversary of starting to work together.  I was technically out of the country on my birthday in 2014, and started working with Murray on the 29th of September, but I call them close enough.  This year, I was lucky enough to ride my horse on my birthday.  A first.  It felt pretty awesome.  I’m trying to come up with some kind of fitting ode to Murray this year.  Other than feeding him unicorn cake, of course.

 logoHorse Junkies United, where I also blog, just underwent a remodel.  One of the things we released with the remodel was a series of blogs about why we blog, and I wrote one that was pretty hard.  I sorted out a lot of my feelings about Murray post-Camelot (much of which I did on here, and with your help) and came to a pretty awesome-feeling conclusion: that I was being a giant cockhead.  I’ve written about much of that on here already, but this blog put it all together in one place and was really soul-cleansing to write.

ecogoldAlso, Ecogold is doing two half pad giveaways right now, if you’re interested.  One over at Heels Down Magazine, which is a pretty fucking swank swag bag for the winner, and one on The Legal Equestrian.

And that is it for me, for now.  Tonight I will recap some jumping exercises and progress Murray and I have made, and tomorrow I TEACH.  Oh undergrads, fear me.

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