Friday Five…. worst things about my life right now

Inspired by Stephanie at Hand Gallop here is a blog-post-with-a-twist.  My Friday Five… worst things about my life right now.

1. Signing up for a horse show that’s two days before I need to move houses was a terrible, terrible, terrible choice.

If you replaced papers with random pieces of tack, clothes, boxes, and perched my cat in the middle, you would have my life right now.

I am not organized for this show.  I packed a trunk and I put some tack in a trailer and I took some home to clean it and I think I have everything I need?  I figure as long as I have clothes to wear each day, a show coat, saddle, girth, and bridle that’s… all I need.  Thank goodness it’s local and less than 15 minutes away from my barn (by zippy little Nissan as opposed to big truck and trailer).

2. The last person who had my office manager clearly sucked at her job and managed to screw some things up so well that I have to go back nearly two entire years to fix them.  Oh and those things are absolutely essential to a deadline I have.  On Monday.

3. My thesis has gone untouched for weeks. I can’t even. I am so busy. I don’t even know how I am this busy. I’m not even teaching right now.

4. This is basically 1B of this list, but I am a shit show.  I took home half my tack but NO TACK CLEANING SUPPLIES.  Thank goodness I didn’t put all my wash cloths in the washing machine because at least things can get a really good wipe down.  My half pads are both still filthy.  I don’t own acceptable XC boots yet.  My roommates dog hates me and is a giant disaster.


RIP Billy

Friday Five… really good things despite all the mess in my life.

1. Murray stood perfectly still for his beauty treatments today and was shiny as fuck after his bath.  Baby shampoo man.  I’m into it.

I'm bringing #sexyback #notoriousottb #punintended #ottb #dressagebitches #itreallyworks

A photo posted by Nicole Sharpe (@nicolegizelle) on Aug 27, 2015 at 10:20pm PDT

2. Even though I had to beat him on Wednesday during the beginning of my dressage lesson, Murray brushed that dirt off his shoulder and put in two solid practice tests.  Not sure why he insists on LOSING all canter departs the week before a show but yeah it’s probs my fault.

3. This show is local.  Only a few people from my barn are competing.  Very few things can go so terribly wrong that my obsessive overpacking of extra tack or a rapid trip back to my barn or a loan from a friend can’t fix.

4. I have beer.

5. One of my friends is bringing me oxyclean tomorrow. ❤

11 thoughts on “Friday Five…. worst things about my life right now”

  1. I feel that your current situation may actually be beneficial, because you just don’t have TIME to over-think and get yourself worked up about the show. Have a beer. Chill out. Scrub some saddle pads in OxyClean. Everything will work out, it always does. 🙂

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  2. sounds a touch stressful!! exciting about the show tho, even if the timing is off. also – re: xc boots, i’m not entirely sure my majyk equipe xc boots fit my mare’s toothpick legs and am considering selling them. any interest?


  3. #3 on your shit list really speaks to me :/ I’m so stressed with moving that the work I actually have managed to do on my thesis (which isn’t much at all) hasn’t been great. But yay for good dressage rides and shiny ponies!!


  4. Hope that the show went well!! Being close to the barn is awesome!! I always wish my barn would host them lol!

    Here’s to like smoothing out for you!!


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