Everyday Fail Wrap Up

I have to say, I was not quite anticipating the absolute onslaught of Everyday Fails you guys posted.  When I came up with my blog hop idea I was like “well, this will either succeed or be an absolute flop and people will just laugh at me and insult my riding”.  But man, you guys definitely rose to the challenge!


Because I’m too cheap for InLinkz here’s a compilation album, so to speak, of all the Everyday Fails that people posted in response.  Thank you all for participating!

In no particular order, i.e. the order in which I found them on Google and my comments.

DIY Horse Ownership

My Red Mare

Eventing in Color

The $900 Facebook Pony

Fraidy Cat Eventing


Oh, Gingersnap!

Little Pieces of Me


An Analytical Ammy

Thoughtful Equestrian


Alchemy Eventing


Hey Hey Holls — who wins for best rhyming title!

Bay With Chrome

Dig My Size


Stories From The Saddle

She Moved To Texas

A Gift Horse

All In



The PerfEq

Smooth Strides


A Enter Spooking

The Story So Far

Four Mares No Money

Bel Joeor


Did you participate and I missed you?  Comment or shoot me a message so I can include you, before I do a FancySchmancy Excel randomization of blogs so I can see who wins that saddle cover!