Wordless Wednesday: Camelot XC

Well friends, it’s here.  The video of the hardest thing I’ve ever done (because I’ve not yet finished my PhD).  In the time I’ve had to reflect, I’ve thought a lot about this ride, and I know that there were plenty of flaws in my riding that contributed to our end.  I hope that we can address my issues and Murray’s before WSS this month!

16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Camelot XC”

    1. The slow motion recap of the fall seriously made my day. And isn’t that funny? Usually he’s locked on TO the fences and scared BETWEEN them. Hopefully next time we reach a happier medium.


  1. Wowza! He has quite the gallop and serious noodle moments but your lower leg is ROCK SOLID!! You gave him a very supportive ride and I’m exhausted just watching. My previous horse had some similar antics, and a friend suggested using a neck strap for XC and it was super helpful.


  2. phew that looks exhausting! i can’t believe you stuck the landing – my legs would have been jelly by that point! seriously tho – looks like all the pieces for a nice round exist in there! good luck and hope your plan for smoothing it all out pays dividends at your next show!


  3. You did much better than I would have! I likely would have taken the walk of shame after the first big spook! At least you managed to land on your feet? Hope you weren’t hurt. 😦


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