12 thoughts on “WW: Camelot Dressage Test”

  1. Omg. That music. W. T. F….

    Can I say, I love your transitions between gaits. Seriously. The first three are stellar, and show real preparation on your part. To the right I notice Captain Notorious is tossing his haunches in, and that’s maybe part of that explosive canter depart. Ever noticed that?


    1. Thanks Susan! They do let you choose your own music, for a fee, so perhaps a new dressage soundtrack is in order for me. And yes, I am quite proud of us even with the kicking out. The bling serves to distract the judges. 😉

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  2. WOW that music. Just wow. And that kick was pretty fabulous! TC is in a similar place- there are some really amazing moments and some moments where you’re like “oh yeah, he’s young,” but the soft moments are so great and he comes back to you so well! It just takes time, I feel like I’m so impatient all the time.


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