ZBH Blog Hop: Everyday Fail

Last week Emma wrote an excellent post about constructive criticism vs. public shaming. ¬†I don’t think anyone who reads my blog hasn’t seen it at this point, but if you haven’t, go read it! ¬†It summarises the many joys of posting a picture on the internet — especially a riding picture, in a sport where there are approximately 293740 opinions on how to do anything — and how people should and shouldn’t behave. ¬†Now, I don’t now about you guys, but I am good at riding about 2% of the time that I put into it, and there’s a lot of evidence of that. ¬†In fact, most of the pictures on this website are carefully curated so that Murray and I look as good as possible.

That’s not how we typically look.

In honor of this, I wanted to share some of the¬†many¬†pictures of Murray and I being less than perfect. ¬†Things that I might not¬†normally put on the twinternet because, you know, judging judger pants. ¬†Media I might be proud of — ’cause we did it, fuckers! — but that isn’t really, uh, a demonstration of how I generally try to ride my horse.

blog hop

Because we all make mistakes. ¬†And we all fail. ¬†Every day, if you’re me.

I have seen, over and over again,¬†that bloggers are far¬†more self-reflective than most other people. ¬†So I know that we know when we¬†could use a little improving. ¬†And I think that most of the time, we don’t need anyone else telling us what to do. ¬†Sometimes we encourage it, and welcome it! ¬†I often welcome critique and suggestion. ¬†But for the most part, I know when I’m not quite on point — but not epic enough for a really good fail — and how to fix it. ¬†Let me show you.

Because thaaaaaaat’s¬†the way to encourage your horse to jump scary new obstacles, Nicole.

IMG_0671 IMG_0678

Yep, my horse is a saint.


Hmm, how about that time I taught my baby horse that bucking during the canter was a fantastic way to get out of work?


(No, he doesn’t need his back checked. Or his hocks. Or his stifles. Or his saddle. I swear, it’s just his brain.)

What, what, what are you doing with your body?!IMG_0404

Super proud that Murray jumped this Training arrow.  My position is also thing of wonders.IMG_3326

One from the way back machine. ¬†I call this “nobody ever fell off the back of a horse” or… I don’t even know.IMG_9910

I dunno if I ever told you guys this, but I used to be hella good at dressage.




I see this ending well.


And to cap it all off: when I first started leasing Quincy he couldn’t canter right on cue. ¬†He could pick up the right lead off a fence or if you tricked him (aka ran him at the wall and pulled a hard right at the last minute), but not on a circle or anything. ¬†So I thought we’d give it a go on the lunge line. ¬†Bareback. ¬†In my onesie.


Judge away, haters!  Quincy and I are too fucking fabulous for your words.


If you guys want to join me, post a link in the comments! ¬†I don’t want to pay to get InLinkz to work. ¬†Post your silly, your tired, your teeming, your ridiculous, your hungry. ¬†Join me in ridiculing myself. ¬†And to make things¬†fun, I’ll enter anyone who posts between now and the end of July in a raffle for a custom saddle cover, because sometimes I sew things for fun (ask Beka, she knows).