the little things

It feels strange to write about the little problems and triumphs in my life when someone I know, respect, and care for is suffering so deeply.  Another thing that I can’t help but strike me as strange is that I’ve never met this person face to face, yet her mere internet presence has clearly made an impression upon my life.

My life continues here in California, though.  I taught my first two sessions of the Summer today (I have a 100% teaching appointment which will hopefully get me through the paycheck drought of September/October) and while my sections are being purposefully overenrolled to allow more students into the class, I think we’ll have a good time.  Both classes were engaging and fun and that is much preferable to the sleep-deprived zombies I seemed to be teaching last quarter.

IMG_20150617_112358Saw this in Oregon. Made me lawl.

Importantly, I have a couple of opinion questions for you all.  Temps at the show next weekend promise to hit 105 on dressage day (guessing XC will definitely be split) and I suspect this will get our coats waived.  Agree?  This makes me super sad that I won’t get to wear my new Horze soft shell with subtle bling but also means I won’t have to roast my boobies off.  Also, it means Murray will probably behave (I am not above using the weather to my advantage).  However, it means I have to go find a nude or white sports bra — nude is preferable, right? — and make some stock tie adjustments.  Any suggestions from my fellow show-folks on the best way to tie your stock when it runs the risk of slapping you in the face?  Also, will a dime-sized purple unicorn stock pin be out of line?

IMG_20150623_073613Stone cold killer right here.

My ride tonight promised an interesting test next week.  Murray has been having Resistance Face going left the last few weeks so our circles are kinda, uh, squares.  And today he decided to Just Say No to canter departs.  So our beautifully cultivated canter departs — that we got a 7 and 8 on last year at Intro — are now giant piles of crap that shame me.  I know this is at least partially my fault.  In my ride today I specifically wanted to re-crisp up those puppies but when I put my leg on Murray was like “nah” and so I asked with a slightly increasing aid two more times and then went WOMP and he was like “well fuck this shit then!” and poof! No more pretty canter departs.

But for real, what am I supposed to do in that situation?  Let him decide when and where we canter depart?  Alana always advises me to lighten up my aids when he gets fussy and resistant, but this wasn’t even fussy resistance.  He was straight up ignoring me.


We got back to almost-acceptable during our ride, but it took a while.  I had to be like “no remember this, you like these!” and made a HUUUUUGE fuss over Murray when he did a semi-reasonable one which seemed to appease his tortured soul.  Also, my dressage girth when missing which threw me into an absolute apoplexy of rage.  Do people not know my horse is GIRTH CHALLENGED?!?!  And so am I.  I had to borrow a leather girth and it was on so loosely I had to get off to hike it up a bunch of holes.  It was embarrassing.  BUT FOR REAL BRING BACK MY GIRTH.  It’s literally the smallest girth at our barn that’s still in use — no joke — so I GUARANTEE nobody wants it. GIVE IT BACKKKKKKK GREMLINS.


Fortunately, my garden has started to yield quite magnificently.  I’ve been snacking on Sun Gold cherry tomatoes off one bush for the last two days, and another is showing the first blush of promise.  Eggplants are starting to come out, but really seem to be getting absolutely scrooged by some kind of aphid pest that is eating the crap out of their leaves.  Kale and basil are taking off and I’ll start some more basil here so I have a continuous crop.  Cucumbers going nuts.  Squash are — as squash will do — spreading out.  There is a heinous watermelon pest eating my vines though — and not even eating the whole vines, just cutting them in the middle — so I let Ellie go all scorched earth on some fossorial mammal tunnels we found today in the hopes that would deter them.

IMG_20150623_180654 IMG_20150623_180658

Only six more rides til show time.


14 thoughts on “the little things”

  1. Woohoo for your garden. That is my goal for next year when I actually have a lawn instead of a dirt heap.
    On the girth note. You too! What is with these thieves…. seriously people or gremlins lol. Not cool! I would maim said person if I found out who stole my jump equipment or girth, in your case.

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    1. Found the exact rule in the rulebook: “10. EXTREME WEATHER. At temperatures above 85°F, a heat index above 85°, or at the discretion of the Ground Jury or the Organizer, competitors will be permitted to compete without jackets, in the dressage and/or jumping tests. In such cases, competitors must wear either a long or short sleeved shirt of conservative color without neckwear”

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  2. I don’t think we’ve worn stock ties when coats are waived- but maybe I’m making that up?? They don’t work right without a coat. Also, light gray sport bras are often easier to find and usually don’t show through white shirts- that’s what I use.

    I felt the same way after I posted my post about being on cloud 9 after the schooling show. Somehow I felt guilty being so happy when someone else I knew through the blogging world was suffering so terribly. :[


  3. ugh i feel your pain on the canter departs… and really my coping mechanism during tests (vs schooling when i try to get it right) is to just make it happen accurately enough to garner at least a 5, then move right on along with my life to ride the snot out of the circle – hopefully getting something above a 6… but your mileage may vary lol.

    and re: jackets, so far i haven’t had to do without this year, but typically come prepared with a nude cami for under the shirt (of the technical lightweight material type, so it’s not stifling in the heat) to hide what is typically a bright pink or purple sports bra…


  4. Aww your garden is way ahead of ours! We have lettuce and green beans but not much else producing so far. Cannot wait for the little chili’s and cucumbers to get going.

    6 more rides! You’ve got this!


  5. Your garden is awesome! Yah as it was said above, no stock when they wave jackets, but when I warm up without a jacket but with a stock, I safety pin the ends of the ties to my shirt so they don’t flap up and hit my face!

    Six more rides! Can’t wait to totally stalk you on startbox and hear how it goes on the blog!

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