weekend (and then some) recap

I did an absolutely terrible job of prepping last week for my planned absence. ¬†I knew I was going to a conference from Tuesday through Friday and just… ran out of time to write blogs in my epic lack of preparation. ¬†So what I did do was go to a primate people conference in Bend, Oregon which was an amazing choice because it’s delicious and full of good beer and beautiful.


Our road trip there was made a teeeennnsy weensy bit (approximately 20%) longer due to Google Maps/navigator error (depending on if you ask the navigator) and I ended up driving through some absolutely beautiful alpine meadows and high Sierra and national forests and it was gorgeous.

IMG_20150619_173741-2It must be so unpleasant to live near Mt Shasta….

Bend itself was also gorgeous — green and lush and riverine and full of promising beer menus. ¬†I got to hang out with my friends from grad school who have since departed, and attend a bunch of talks related to my research interests. ¬†I’m super pumped to work on my thesis again now! ¬†Hanging out around scientists and going to talks always gets me stoked on science again. ¬†So that is awesome.



I left the conference early to head to one of my best friends’ weddings in Monterey which was amazing and beautiful in and of itself. ¬†This is one of my first friends to get married and it’s so awesome to see your friends so happy. ¬†And seriously, the bride was gorgeous. ¬†And the groom was super handsome. ¬†The ceremony was perfect — light and cheerful and full of love. ¬†And the party. ¬†Oh my god. ¬†I danced so much my calves are killing me today. ¬†I’ve never had sore calves from riding but yet jumping up and down for hours on end will, apparently, make them sore.



I’m a little freaked out that Murray had such a big vacation right before the show, but he did get a couple of rides from friends. ¬†This week is my last week to do any prep, so that will be, uh… interesting. ¬†Well, what I really hope is that it’s not interesting and just goes really smoothly.