r kelly gridz

I don’t have much for the blog today, just a few notes from here and there.

1. Super glad you guys are getting behind #bossmareup, #mareup, and #vaginaup. ¬†I hope to hear and see MUCH MORE of ¬†them in the future! ¬†Let’s make this a worldwide thing! ¬†I especially loved reading about all the times you guys mared up and rode, hauled, worked, or pushed through pain because HORSES. ¬†That was awesome.

2. Murray tacked up beautifully today like the solid citizen you all seem to know he could be.   Very glad I have your support on that front!

3. I whined to my trainer in my lesson today and she told me I could put my stirrups back down a hole, but she likes my knee angle a lot more when they are up just one hole. ¬†Then they felt wrong at the longer length. ¬†I can’t win. ¬†So now I feel stupid because I want them up and just have to strengthen my back and core and thighs to get my position right again, but I whined enough to get them put down.

4. Speaking of lessons today, the kids set up the course for this week since our assistant trainer got stomped on and can’t carry standards around. ¬†So of course trust a bunch of thirteen-year-olds going training to set up a huge line along the diagonal that goes bounce-bounce-one stride-bounce-one stride. ¬†Of course. ¬†Murray started out spooky because there was some dead tree chainsawing going on outside the arena and he suddenly realized there might be some kind of giant conspiracy theory with ALL WOOD being evil so gave our first few fences a HARD look. ¬†Trainer started us with ground poles through the grid and worked us up to the bounces and it was AWESOME! ¬†I felt the little Murmidon* think HARD about the poles the first time through as a bounce, but every time after that got better. ¬†I LOVED the exercise. ¬†Such a good one! ¬†No wonder people say bounces are important for footwork and body building. I WANT TO DO BOUNCES ALL THE TIME.

* Murray is the creature in my life with the fewest nicknames, but people occasionally call him “Murman” (sounds like “merman” like man mermaid). ¬†Anyway, that reminded me of “myrmidon” which is what the members of Achille’s army were called. ¬†So when he is being beastly, I shall now call him Murmidon.

** I call it the R Kelly grid because of Remix to Ignition.  There is much bouncing.  The name was not about golden showers.