shit is getting real

Entry for my first recognized horse trials opens today.  So I did what everyone does and registered their horse under their stupid JC name even though I so want to use one of the better names we talked about but… JC, man

murray reg


This was, of course, a total procrastinatory tactic because I have basically daily deadlines this week leading up to a huge presentation on Friday.  Just presenting all my research to my entire graduate group and whatever faculty want to come.  No big.

So I’m just going to go ahead and neglect my horse, health, and blog while I finish that shit up.

I did have a fantastic day Sunday shooting the cross country portion of a show.  Nothing to make you want to run prelim like watching horses LOVE their jobs at prelim!

IMG_1316How freaking happy do these two look?!  First training and they were awesome.

IMG_0742That is a galloping fence!

Last night Lainey Ashker commented on my position on an instragram photo. So that was badass.  And liked a selfie. #madeit

LAE is clearly way cooler than me because she uses the word “fleek” and I didn’t even know that was a word until like two weeks ago.

So that’s this week.  See you all after my presentation.