It’s show time: pump up playlist

Lots of my friends, blogland and otherwise, are going to their first show of the year (or not their first, but still a show!) this weekend. ¬†While I’m super jealous, I know it’s important for me to keep my eye on the prize (graduation) right now, and I will be showing in the ball-sweltering heat of July so that will be JUST FINE OKAY.

Anyway, a show playlist is pretty important to me. ¬†One thing I want to invest in this year is a set of portable, battery-operated speakers so I can bump my pump up play list¬†in public AT ALL TIMES. ¬†Daniel Stewart was a big fan of incorporating motivational songs into your showing routine (they help you keep rhythm and put you in the right mindset!) and I have a bunch that I love to listen to on the way to schooling or showing or what have you. ¬†So, for your listening or purchasing pleasure, here’s a portion of my pump up play list.

One Republic, Counting Stars

Yes, I know this song is¬†super played. But it has¬†so many eventing references!!!! ¬†Counting stars, as in CIC 1/2*, CIC*, CIC**, etc? YEP. ¬†I also misheard a lot of lyrics when I first heard this song on the radio, like “I’ve been playing hard” — what else is riding but playing hard? — and “sing in the rhythm the lessons I’ve learned” — and what else is riding all about but¬†RHYTHM?! ¬†I also personally identify with “dreaming about the things that we could be”. ¬†Do that a lot too.

Biggie Smalls / ratatat remix, Party & Bullshit

This is Murray’s theme song, but also works well if you replace “party and bullshit” with “gallop and jump shit”

Monty Python, The Galaxy Song

I find this song super adorable and relaxing to listen to. ¬†And I’m a HUGE Monty Python fan!!

Walk The Moon, Shut Up And Dance

Okay, if the adorable video of every movie dance scene ever set to this song didn’t get to you, you are soulless and I don’t know if we can be friends!! ¬†This song is fucking adorable, and I LOVE IT. ¬†“Shut up and dance with me” I replace with “shut up and jump with me,” also, don’t you dare look back!¬† Murray and me, we were born to be together. ¬†Also, this is the first time I’ve watched the video, and I find this lead singer curiously sexy in his weird 80’s way.

One Republic, Love Runs Out

This song has a BANGIN’ beat and is just on pace for galloping 600 meters per minute. ¬†I know ’cause that’s what I sang on the gallop track!! ¬†I also see a lot of metaphor in here for me and Murray, but specifically “there’s a maniac out in front of me” and “there’s an angel on my shoulder”. ¬†Oh and of course, we’ll be “doing this, if you ever doubt, til the love runs out!” ¬†We WILL be doing this, Murray!!

Sheppard, Geronimo

Just jump out of that starting box, say geronimo!

Modest Mouse, Float On

If I¬†need something a little more chill before getting out there, Modest Mouse is where I go. ¬†I backed my car into a cop car the other day? ¬†Well he just drove off sometimes life’s okay. ¬†We’ll all float on, okay?

Taylor Swift, Shake It Off

My anthem of last summer, this got me through a LOT of dressage rides!

Meghan Trainor, All About That Bass

Another dressage song, this song somehow lets me keep my cool during dressage.

Electric Light Orchestra, Mr. Blue Sky

What we always hope for, right? A little blue sky on XC day?

So, tell me, blogosphereoland, what are your favourite show pump up songs? What do I need to add to my playlist?

Good luck to all my friends competing this weekend!! I hope you have amazing rides.