in a poetic mood

Last week Beka got me all in a poetic mood, so I also wrote one for Horse Junkies: Ten Things I Hate About Dressage.

Thing #1: No Heath Ledger. 😦

And now that I come to think about it, Joseph Gordon Levitt hasn’t made an appearance in my dressage life either….


6 thoughts on “in a poetic mood”

      1. I’m sure chimps you worked with were good ones. Random monkeys kind of freak me out. I had a student write an essay once about visiting relative in Vietnam and a monkey bit him. And another student was at a park in Asia (can’t remember where) and she said she had food in her backpack and monkeys went after her backpack (while she was wearing it).


      2. Well, all the chimps I worked with were inside their enclosures at all times (except that one escape I wrote about a month or so back), so that went a long way towards their “good”ness. They were all lovely individuals with very unique personalities though. I’m actually writing a post about human-wildlife interactions and how horribly they tend to go — all those monkey stories are bad for the people AND the monkeys!


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