in a poetic mood

Last week Beka got me all in a poetic mood, so I also wrote one for Horse Junkies: Ten Things I Hate About Dressage.

Thing #1: No Heath Ledger. 😦

And now that I come to think about it, Joseph Gordon Levitt hasn’t made an appearance in my dressage life either….



6 thoughts on “in a poetic mood

      • I’m sure chimps you worked with were good ones. Random monkeys kind of freak me out. I had a student write an essay once about visiting relative in Vietnam and a monkey bit him. And another student was at a park in Asia (can’t remember where) and she said she had food in her backpack and monkeys went after her backpack (while she was wearing it).


      • Well, all the chimps I worked with were inside their enclosures at all times (except that one escape I wrote about a month or so back), so that went a long way towards their “good”ness. They were all lovely individuals with very unique personalities though. I’m actually writing a post about human-wildlife interactions and how horribly they tend to go — all those monkey stories are bad for the people AND the monkeys!


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