Defining the Relationship
Snookum-ukums, where do you see this going?  
Let’s be realistic.  What’s the plan with your pony?  Is it a five-year investment with a return, is it until you move up beyond the Kin’s abilities, or is it forever*?

I must admit, when I saw the DTR acronym I definitely did not think defining the relationship, I thought “down to ride!”  I clearly have not been in enough relationships.

Murray’s and my relationship is a little complex.  I am having so much fun with him, he is teaching me so much (really, he’s immeasurably molding my riding abilities), and I am sure he will carry us both as far as he can go.  But I may have some aspirations beyond him.  Maybe.  Like Prelim. Or a 1*.  Or even a 2*.  I might be that crazy.  And I’m pretty sure that, talented as he is, kid can’t do a 2*.  So few horses can.

If I could do a 2* today, there’s no way I could afford to keep Murray. I am simply not in a place where I could keep two horses (let’s ignore the expense of doing 2* events!!).  In four, five, six years though?  When I’m mentally and physically ready to do those things, or have probably chickened out entirely and forever?  I might be able to have two horses then.  I would love to have two horses then.  We will see.

Regardless, after Murray and I have gone as far as we can in eventing (and I hope we will continue to event), I’d really like to see how far I can reasonably take him in dressage.  He’s not fancy or chromed out (I will wear bling to make up for it), but he’s got clean changes in there, and can definitely half pass.  That’s at least third level, right?  Maybe there’s a bronze medal in our futures?

If and when it comes time for Murray to leave me, I will enlist the help of my current trainer to find him the right home, or retire him.  She knows him inside and out, and even if she is not Murray’s favourite person, I know that she will do her absolute best by him.



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