this little piggie

I have been sucking at posting this month!  This week there were extenuating circumstances.

Friday I was going to post about my lesson Thursday (super fun¬†lesson! will talk about it later) and how much progress the Little Horse has been making and the glories of consistent work, but Thursday morning I found out I didn’t get the job I interviewed for. ¬†So instead of writing I had a pity party with my friends and ate and drank my feelings. ¬†It was the right choice. ¬†Really, their loss, and the world continues to turn.

Eating my feelings

Friday after my rides (easy ones c/o Murray’s adjustment on Thursday) I drove down to my in laws’ place for a pizza party and Saturday pig roast! ¬†We roasted two whole pigs two ways, one in a Cuban pig roasting box, and the other in a traditional Luau pit.

Ellie wants the piggie

The Luau pit piggie was so amazingly tender. If you have space on your property for a Luau pit you seriously should install one. For they are the bomb. ¬†The cahachina pig was also delicious, and the skin was crispy which was a plus, but man, I can’t dismiss the pit pig. Sooooooooo good.

Saturday morning my amazing Jelinore Roosevelt caught her first ever ground squirrel (we hate them because their holes are big enough to break horses’ legs — nuff said) and got bitten on the face for her troubles. ¬†Fortunately, the resident squirrel expert (giant Schnauzer) finished the bastard off, and Ellie got to revel in her glory for many hours.

Sunday morning I had a leisurely sleep in and worked my mother in law’s dressage ponies with her. ¬†Amazing upside of having equestrian mother in law: getting badass lessons. ¬†Everyone was a little neck sore from spring vaccines, so we just worked them lightly, and I got a lesson on MIL’s retired I2 mare. ¬†Tiny made me look like an absolute child atop her (her name is ironic) and made me work my butt off! ¬†The mare is way too smart to give you anything for fun, and really kept my accountable. Lots of good lessons there.

And now I am home, prepping for a quiet week (yay finals!) and lots of riding and several blog posts next week, and catching up on everything I missed this weekend!IMG_5281I leave you this picture of my magnificent pigwink wading in the river.