I missed the last two TOABH questions.  The one from two weeks ago I didn’t answer specifically to not jinx myself.  Last week I just didn’t make it after getting back from Italy.  I BLAME YOU, ITALY.  I had a perfect record!

This week, Beka asks us about FAILs.

We know what makes Thunderhooves happy, but what does he hate to do?  Let’s not ignore those times that you have whip out all the tricks or pharmaceuticals for grooming.

For the record, just like everyone else, this is what makes Thunderhooves happy.  It makes me deliriously happy too.


However, there are aspects of this that also make Thunderhooves extremely suspicious.  Most specifically, my insistence that he listen to me, not gallop around like a crazy man, accept some contact, and actually, oh I don’t know, accept that I know what I’m talking about/planning on doing.

IMG_3747 IMG_3749 horze1Ok so this one was more of my fail, but I had to share it again anyway.

Also related to our travels and Murray’s failures is this.


Oh and even though it’s not technically under saddle, I’m also going to count this (close to 90% hit rate on this one).

xtiesI just realised how unintentionally hilarious this picture is. It’s from before Murray broke the headstall of his leather halter, which he’s done twice (I just punch a new hole when he does), but after he broke the brass snap under the cheek. Oh child, how many places can you break that thing?!