attempt number two

Teaching yesterday was an…. adventure.  Partway into my second lab section I started to get aphasia, which is always such a wonderful symptom, so I apologized to my students re: jet lag and they forgave me. Fortunately the big coffee I had at lunch kicked in and I was back to normal shortly.

I headed to the barn immediately after, and Murray heard me say “hey baby horse!” and came to the front of his stall to greet me which was just about enough to  bring me to tears.  Just about.  Had a kiss and a hug and Murray promptly followed me all over looking for treats.

Last night was moonrise pictures attempt number two. The moonrise chart I used wasn’t quite as accurate as I had hoped, and the sun didn’t set quite as fast as I wanted, but I did get some shots of the gorgeous, California ombre sky that we get.


IMG_4490 IMG_4532 IMG_4626



Trying again tonight. I really want that big fat moon low in the horizon!!

11 thoughts on “attempt number two

  1. Those photos are GORGEOUS!! Man oh man, it looks like a fairytale. Can’t wait til we get rid of these clouds so we can have some pretty sunsets here on the East Coast!


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