Beka seems to know me, because these questions are spot on! This week will feature more of my dog than my horse, but I love her more anyway.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Every horse seems to have at least three names:  the “real” one, the barn one, and that special one.  What are some of your pony’s names?

Murray’s JC name is “Ima Looking Cool”.  I’ve discussed here how much I don’t really like at all very much that name.  His USEA registration is as yet to be determined — see yesterday’s post.

wpid-wp-1424051689499.jpegLooking super cool.

In the barns at the track he was “Rico the Freako,” because of his gumby-like abilities to get knocked down (read: throw himself to the ground), bounce back up, and appear uninjured.  We, obviously, call him Murray.

Just Murray.

Seriously, that’s about it.  Sometimes I call him “Moo” and my barn manager will call min “Punkin,” and my dressage trainer calls him “Mr Murray!” in a muppets voice (or “sack of shit” — I love her).  But these are rare.  We really just call him Murray.

Ellie, on the other hand, is a whole different story.


Ellie came to my boyfriend and I with the gag-worthy name “Bebe”.  Nobody was even sure how to pronounce it.  Bay-bay? Bee-bee?  Gun?  I went through PILES of names before we settled on Ellie.  Devi, Fela, Auri (I will send you a jar of homemade jam if you catch the theme there), Astrid, Zula, gosh those are just the ones I remember.  Finally we settled on Ellie.

Within two weeks I had renamed her.  Jelly was the first one.  Then Jellybean, Jellybelly, and Jellyfish.  Sometimes also Jellybear.  Then I started calling her Babby — from “How is baby formed”.  Then Babbington and Babs.  Then Smelly — and all the possible derivations of Smelly.  Smellybean, Smellyfish.  Next, I think, came Jellington and Smellington.  One day I got really angry at Ellie and she wasn’t responding, so I screamed “ELEANOR” at her.  That kinda stuck.  Most recently, we’ve started calling her Jellinor Roosevelt.  Because duh.  The best part?  She responds to all of them.  She doesn’t respond to Piglet or Snorlax.  We’re working on that.

IMG_8826She is a fierce beast.

Milo is mostly just “little kitty” or “Monster”.  I’m not even sure if Milo is his real name so… we’ll see.

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