Hawley Bennet Clinic Preview

My barn is hosting Hawley Bennett for a clinic this weekend, and after a full day with her, can I just say that I love this woman!!!!!!

Hawley is precise, positive, discerning, cheerful, creative, and understanding.  She cut to the quick of a bunch of different riders’ and horses’ issues within minutes of seeing them ride, and always had a way to help them through them.  I will post a full clinic report next week, but here’s some quotes and gems from the first day.


Would that transition be good enough in dressage?

Keep your legs on and your reins short!

Don’t let yourself barrel down to the last fence!  You get so excited that you’re done with a course that you just gallop down to that last fence and have a rail or a run out.  Ride the last fence.


If she can buck, she’s behind your leg.

Bring your hip in over the jumps to help him get his lead.

To collect, sit up, don’t go to your hands.


Close your legs to get the deep spot.

Land, put your legs on, and rock them back.

Don’t let your reins get long and your elbows get behind you.


Bad footing isn’t an excuse. If you want perfect footing, go to the hunter ring.  The worse the footing is, the more connection and leg you need.

Don’t run your horse off his feet.

Keep looking to the next!


Bringing your hips in is especially important on racehorses. If you swing your butt out, you’re not going to get your lead.