Braymere Winter Photo Challenge

Braymere Custom Saddlery blog is hosting an adorable scavenger hunt right now, and given that I have so many photos and love showing them off, I figured I’d have a stab at it!  I noticed that the instructions said nothing about them being HORSEY pictures, so I’ve gone hog wild with all my pictures!

1. Vintage

1990_nic41Me, circa 1990.

2. Nekkid

IMG_8018Fresh outta mom and as nekkid as it gets!

3. Scale issues

11One of Australia’s many tourist attractions — a giant rocking horse!

4. I see spots

IMG_4417Quincy, a seven year old thoroughbred, shows off his many Birdcatcher spots! Sadly, they are fading now.

5. Unbridled passion

IMG_8515Murray and Connor, best friends foreverrrrrrrrrrr!

6. Rare breed

IMG_7141This Grevy’s zebra stallion was one of my constant companions in Kenya

7. Portrait

IMG_3084Nature at her best

8. Conga

stitch 2

9. The Great Outdoors

congo hdr2This was the view off my back patio in Congo

10. Best In Show

IMG_20150203_205110He avoided killing a six year old in his path so gets big time points for that one.