November’s Ten Questions

From Viva Carlos!

1. Have you ever owned a horse? Nope. Though I call Murray my own, he is technically mine only on a care lease.  However, I suspect I will own a horse soon. 😀

IMG_3150 I mean… who else would put up with this.

2. What is your favourite aspect of your discipline? I love how versatile eventing asks the horses to be. You really cannot be just a one-trick pony in this discipline.  Also, cross country. Man, do I ever love cross country.

IMG_5653Not me riding, but I love galloping.

3. What peeves do you have concerning your discipline?  Eventing dressage. I will not profess to be good at dressage or know at all what dressage judges are looking for, in eventing ore regular dressage, but it’s quite clearly not the classical foundations of dressage of the past. I could write pages about this… I’ll save it for later.  Also, I know a lot of horses and riders that have been rushed through the lower levels of eventing and consequently ruined.  I’m not sure if that’s limited to eventing, or a vice in all disciplines though.

4. Do you do barn chores?  Just cleaning up after myself and spot cleaning Murray’s stall.  I sometimes watch the barn for our barn manager, and then I feed and give supplements and muck, depending on the weekend and agreement.

5. What is your least favourite barn chore? Definitely cleaning up after other people.  Sometimes I go on rampages through the barn aisles after the lesson kids have left because I just can’t stand the mess they leave behind them, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy it.

6. What do you consider the worse vice in a horse? Rearing, probably. Though I haven’t yet met a horse who was rearing for no reason — normally they are overfaced, seriously confused, unable to cope, etc. I’m not saying that’s a good excuse, but I’ve seen rearers stop after a few lessons where their confidence is built up and communication is optimized.  Biting is also a really bad one, but I think it comes around a lot less than rearing.

Camelot Horse Trials -- but mostly tribulations!     This I can handle…

7. What saddle brand is your favourite? I don’t really have a favourite, I’ve only ridden in a few different brands of saddle and since I’m not pretty easy to please they’ve all worked for me.

8. Do you ride with a quarter sheet in the winter? I made myself a quarter sheet last year to help with Mr. Sensitive’s super cold back. It wasn’t perfectly made, but it did the job.  I’ll probably bust it out again this winter as it’s promising to be cold and wet in California, and pony boy already got all his hair taken off.


9. Does your horse wear boots? What kind?  Always… when I remember to put them on. So at least 85% of the time I ride. Bell boots full time, as long as he’s not showing signs of rubs, to stop him from grabbing a quarter in pasture (or at least help prevent injury if he does).  I have brushing boots for jumping, and sometimes wear those for dressage also. I long for some dressage boots…

10. Full seat or knee patch breeches? I wear and like both. My breech selection is limited and seasonality rules what I wear more than bum suede: all my summer breeches are knee patch, 2/3 of my winter pairs are full seat. Sooooo…. in the winter I wear full seats, and in the summer I wear knee patch I guess.

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