radio silence

This week has been an interesting one for the pony.

Saturday we had a seriously good dressage ride. M was perfect, and I worked his butt off, and was really happy with it. Sunday was his day off, and we worked on some clicker exercises.  I still need to teach M some of the foundations —  head down, adults are talking, stand on this mat — but I did get him touching his target and backing up consistently, as well as almost-turn-on-the-forehand in both directions.

Monday I planned to have another serious dressage ride in prep for our lesson this week. My trainer’s dressage trainer is coming and I have a lesson planned.  The last time I rode with Tina, Murray really needed to work on carrying himself, lifting his back, pushing from the hind end, relaxation and suppleness, and basically everything that dressage is founded upon.  So I haven’t taken a lesson with her in about nine months, because I’ve been working on all that stuff.

I seriously have daydreams of Tina saying things like “Wow, Nicole, you’ve done such a lovely job with him!” and “He is really moving beautifully.”  I’m just visualizing…. don’t make fun.  But for real, Murray has changed a lot since our last lesson with Tina and I know there has been at least a little improvement!

But then I didn’t ride.  Why not?



Tack Warehouse is working on trapping and neutering the feral cat colony that has grown out of control in a lot behind their store, and part of that involves trapping and rehoming the kittens that are amenable to the process.  This little guy, as yet unnamed, was one of the first to be caught so now he’s MINE ALL MINE.

Yeah so then I rode today and came home and played with my kitten some more because he is awesome.

IMG_7266 IMG_7297