Remember Murray’s horrendous body clip experience a few days ago?  No?  I do.

Well, as one may expect from a tough time body clipping, the clip isn’t perfect.  I’m cool with that — it’s functional and I’m not showing any time soon.  But there was one big thing that was left unfinished: butt art.  I had planned a mustache on Murray’s left hindquarter, and due to time constraints and poorly-functioning mini-clippers it didn’t get finished.

Well guess who finished that shit today? All by herself? With no help — no drugs, no twitch, no tricks. AND NO TANTRUMS.

This girl.


So now little baby Murray is mustachioed. Considering that I free-handed the left half, I’m thinking I did pretty darn good.

Oh and PS my thighs are killing me from NSN on Friday and a tiny bit of no-stirrups trot work today.

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